Instagram attracts an increasing number of influencers day by day. There is huge competition on this social media platform and it is difficult to stand out. However, there are some tools you can use to become well-known and survive in this competition. Today, we will provide you with a complete guide to IGTV for influencers, including tips and methods to achieve your goals. Let’s dive right in.

What is IGTV

IGTV is a fantastic feature that you can find on Instagram. It allows you to share lengthy videos. The maximum video length for IGTV, according to Instagram, is 60 minutes. IGTV videos on standard accounts should be between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long. On the other hand, any verified accounts or those with a large audience can upload videos up to 60 minutes long.

Almost every well-known Instagram influencer shares their content via IGTV videos. They use this feature to interact with their followers and also to expand their audiences.

In this article, ConvertSocial will give you 15 helpful tips to effectively use IGTV.

1. Vertical or Horizontal Video on IGTV

When uploading a video to IGTV, you can do so horizontally or vertically. Before you determine how to post it, you must first ask yourself, “Where are people going to see this video?” People will most likely see your video while looking through videos on Instagram.

We strongly advise you to upload your IGTV videos vertically. It is far more comfortable for your audience to watch the video when it is uploaded vertically.

Of course, it is just advice to publish the video vertically. If you have a specific purpose for uploading the video horizontally, you can do so. Influencers, on the other hand, typically publish their videos vertically.

2. Save IG live to IGTV

It is important for a social media influencer to go live on Instagram. It assists your audience in getting to know you better. It also helps you to get to know your audience. As a social media influencer, though, you will not always have time to go live. The good news is that you can save your live videos to IGTV so that your followers can watch them whenever they want to.

Saving live videos to IGTV saves time, which is important for influencers. So, wherever you go live from now on, save it to IGTV.

3. Share IGTV videos to stories

Uploading videos on IGTV will undoubtedly help you gain more followers. However, it is critical to include these videos in your story so that a large number of people will view them.

In addition, if you visit the Instagram accounts of well-known influencers, you will note that they always have a big number of stories uploaded.

If your IGTV is lengthy, you can include the best parts in your story. This will encourage your followers to view the videos.

Also, remember to include the swipe-up feature in the story. This allows your followers to begin watching your IGTV video right away.

4. Share IGTV to your feed

Instagram has yet another fantastic feature. It lets you add IGTV videos to your primary feed. More people will view your IGTV videos if you start posting them in your feed.

It also shows your followers that you are engaged and taking advantage of all of Instagram’s features. As a result, your audience expands and you gain more followers.

5. Use hashtags

When it comes to Instagram and IGTV, hashtags are the key. Hashtags assist people who are interested in your type of content to discover your account. Here are some tips on how to effectively use hashtags on Instagram.

What hashtags should I use?

When you add IGTV videos, you can use hashtags identical to those used for Instagram posts. Hashtags boost your chances of being discovered on Instagram. There are three types of hashtags that should be used:

3-5 – extremely popular hashtags;

3-5 – hashtags that are moderately popular;

3- 5 – niche-specific hashtags.

Where should I place hashtags on IGTV video?

For IGTV, the upload process is quite simple. You must first access the IGTV section. When you click the plus sign, you will be able to select a video to upload. Once you have done that, you will see a cover image.

You continue to the next section, where you will create the title and description for your video. In the description section, you explain what is happening in the video. That is where you will place your hashtags. It should be noted that these features are available to everyone who has an account on Instagram.

how to make an igtv video on instagram

6. Be Consistent

Consistency is everything if you are serious about making IGTV videos on Instagram. You must be consistent with your IGTV video publishing. Consistency allows you to grow and also helps you to get better and better in the process.

You should experiment with different types of IGTV videos to find which ones perform the best. You must experiment with the features that Instagram provides in order to achieve better outcomes.

7. Pay attention to time

If you have a large audience, Instagram allows you to post IGTV videos that are up to 60 minutes long. This is a significant benefit. However, you have to use this feature wisely.

Every day, people view thousands of videos on Instagram. If the video does not interest them, they can just scroll to the next one. You must ensure that your IGTV video isn’t too long.

The IGTV video must have all of the important information that you want to convey to your audience. The IGTV video, on the other hand, must be straightforward. It should keep the audience’s attention and not get monotonous.

As a result, influencers must manage their time effectively and avoid publishing lengthy videos that no one will watch. People want short, intriguing, and entertaining videos. As a social media content creator, you must be able to see things from your audience’s perspective. If you can do this, you will never make long and boring videos again.

In today’s world, time is extremely valuable. Every day, millions of influencers produce plenty of 1-minute engaging videos. When there is such a competition, you must ensure that your IGTV videos add value to your audience.

8. IGTV Cover

When you post an IGTV video, the cover is the first thing people see. As a result, it is critical to ensure that the cover of an IGTV video is engaging to the audience. As an influencer, you understand your audience’s preferences better than anybody else does.

You know better than anyone what your audience likes the most. As a result, you must design the cover in a way that is appealing to your target audience.

9. Plan your IGTV video Content in Advance

When it comes to posting an IGTV video on the Instagram story, content planning is essential. Posts made on the spur of the moment almost never work. Before shooting an IGTV video, you should consider the following:

  • What to discuss in the IGTV video?
  • Where and when should I shot IGTV video?
  • When should I upload IGTV video?
  • What should the IGTV video’s title be?
  • Which hashtags should I use for my IGTV video?
  • Where should I share IGTV?

You’re ready to go once you’ve answered these questions! Just don’t forget to stick to your plan. Don’t get too upset if your plan fails. There are always multiple solutions to a problem. ConvertSocial is also available to help you with monetizing your social media following.

10. Create IGTV Series

You can build IGTV series on Instagram in the same way that you can create playlists on YouTube. You may be uploading videos about travel, skin-care routines, morning/evening routines, gardening, fitness, health, and a variety of other topics. In that scenario, Instagram provides a wonderful tool for grouping videos of a similar type.

When Instagram content creators use the IGTV series function, their audience finds it much easier to find IGTV videos that they are interested in.

11. Analyze Your Results

You must analyze your outcomes after uploading every single IGTV video. You should report the following analysis:

  • How many views did the IGTV video receive in one week?
  • What was the most popular aspect of the IGTV video?
  • What kind of feedback did you receive?
  • How many shares has the IGTV video received in one week?
  • What do you think went wrong with the IGTV video?
  • How many followers did you earn after one week of posting the IGTV video?
  • How many followers did you earn after one week of posting the IGTV video?
  • What would you do differently if you could go back in time?
  • What are the lessons you’ve learned?

12. Get Feedback From Your Audience

After you’ve published an IGTV video, you should ask your audience what they think about it. You may make an Instagram story and ask your followers this question. You can try to ask your audience what they liked the most and what they didn’t like so much about the video. Ask people to share their opinions, experience, and perspectives about IGTV videos.

Receiving feedback from your target audience allows you to improve your content. Furthermore, your audience sees that you are interested in what they have to say. As a result, your popularity grows.

13. Find the best time to post on IGTV

You should not post your video whenever it is finished or whenever you want to publish it. Instagram features a function that allows users to know when the optimum time is to publish a post, story, or IGTV video. You must use this function as an Instagram influencer if you want many people to see your IGTV video or post.

Time is really important and publishing content at the right time will help you succeed in a short period of time. As a social media content creator, you should use your time wisely and publish content according to your insights.

14. Analyze Your Competitors

It is absolutely necessary to analyze your competitors as a social media content creator. In this instance, you must watch other influencers’ IGTV videos. You should look at the techniques they utilize to make their IGTV videos appealing to their audiences. You must examine what they excel in and what they fall short on.

You must attempt to improve your IGTV videos after evaluating how other Instagram content creators publish their IGTV films. Analyzing what others are doing can teach you a lot.

15. Keep up With New Trends

The industry for social media content creators is rapidly expanding. Every day, there are new things to learn. There are numerous ways to grow as a person and excel at what you do. Influencers on Instagram are continually creating popular trends. IGTV videos are a great method to keep up with these trends and gain new followers.

You will have more opportunities to become well-known if you use Instagram’s IGTV video feature. Keeping up with new trends will make your audience grow.

Finally, Instagram suggests many amazing features that social media content creators can use to succeed. If you want to become a well-known influencer that many people trust you must take advantage of all the features that Instagram suggests.

As Instagram develops, there will be new features added to IGTV as well. You have to be open to learning new things every day in order to achieve your goals. In general, IGTV is a great way to interact with your followers and make your Instagram account popular by creating IGTV videos and using proper hashtags.

To successfully use the IGTV features, you must be publishing videos constantly. Your IGTV videos must be of great quality and they must catch the attention of people on Instagram.

That’s a Wrap. The Ultimate Guide to IGTV: The Complete Guide for Influencers

In this ultimate guide to IGTV, ConvertSocial provided some practical tips for Influencers and bloggers to make awesome IGTV videos and gain new followers on Instagram.

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